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Danger of Photoshop (source: YouTube)

Many tutorials freely show how to edit digital images on Internet (see, ). For example, we easily found these two Youtube videos showing how to make a fake insurance claim by editing digital images.

A New Promotion Video for VerifEyed

BP Digitally Altered Press Photos

A site called Americablog spotted a press photo of BP’s Houston command center, taken on July 16, 2010. The image had been “shopped” to include more on-screen camera action (the photo on the right side is the original one).

Image Tampering in Scientific Literature

Today, we face the problem of digital image forgeries even in scientific literature. For instance, the Journal of Cell Biology, a premier academic journal, estimates that around twenty five (25) percent of manuscripts accepted for publication contain at least one …

Sarah Palin

This photomontage of Sarah Palin was widely dispersed across the Internet.

Iranian Missile Test

In July 2008, Iranian media published the image shown on the left demonstrating a successful missile test. The original image is shown on the right side. The photo was subsequently featured on the front pages of newspapers across the world …

VerifEyed – Enterprise Edition (Insurance and Claims Industry) how to find my ip address

VerifEyed – Enterprise Edition (Banks, financial industry)

VerifEyed: NYC Next Idea winner

VerifEyed winner of NYC Next Idea. Mayor Bloomberg announced the winners of the competition at City Hall.

VerifEyed – You Can Trust Photos Again (Internet Dating)

Faith Hill

In July 2007, Redbook magazine published on its cover page a digitally edited version of singer and actress Faith Hill.  

Can an Image Forgery Win Pulitzer?

Another famous case of digital image manipulation is this widely published photograph taken during the 2003 Iraq war. Brian Walski, who was covering the war for the Los Angeles Times, combined two of his Iraqi photographs into one to improve …

Image Authentication Without Using Watermarks and Signatures

Image authentication without using watermarks and signatures (called the passive or blind approach) is regarded as a new direction and does not need any explicit prior information about the image. The decision about the trustworthiness of an image being analyzed …

Image Integrity Verification by Data Hiding

The data hiding approach refers to a method of embedding secondary data into the primary multimedia sources. This is carried out mainly to fulfill authentication and tampering detection, copyright protection and distribution control. The idea of hiding information has a …

Image Authentication using Digital Watermarks

Many watermarks have been proposed so far. Below are examples of spatial and frequency domain watermarks. Digital watermarking assumes inserting of a digital watermark at the source (e.g., camera) and verifying the marks integrity at the detection side. Digital watermarks …

Image Authentication using Digital Signatures

The digital signature approach offers an interesting alternative to classical watermarking techniques and is based on the idea of traditional paper- based signing by transforming it into the digital world. It consists mainly of extracting unique features from the image …

Katie Couric

In September 2006, a digitally edited photo of the CBS news anchor Katie Couric appeared in their in-house magazine Watch! The original shows that her image was edited to create a slimmer waistline and a thinner face.

Some Examples of Historical Image Forgeries

Creating image forgeries has a long history. Here, are some examples of earlier image forgeries. Here, a photo manipulation with Stalin is shown (1930): This image shows a historical manipulation with a photo of Mao Tse- tung (1936): This image …

George Bush

There are a numerous image forgeries of George Bush. In 2004, he was removed from the following photo by simple copying and pasting of several soldiers.

A Famous Image Forgery

This is one of the most famous image forgeries.