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  • The functionalities and technology that make Verifeyed so exceptional
  • A tutorial to help you become a top-level digital forensics photo analyst in 5 minutes
  • Samples of fraudulent images that Verifeyed has detected

Whether you know anything about detecting doctored digital images or not, Verifeyed Professional Edition, with its state-of-the-art image analysis technology, will turn you into a top-level image forensics expert with one click of the mouse. Verifeyed is a patent-pending technology that detects digital image manipulation with one click, and no need for metadata, or watermarks.

  • Detects digitally edited photos, videos, and PDF files
  • Identifies the precise camera, mobile phone or camcorder that created the original image.
  • Highlights suspicious (modified) parts in images and videos

Stories from different industries

cia7The CIA: Al Qaeda releases another video. Mark from the CIA wants to check its veracity. He clicks a button in Verifeyed Professional Edition and gets the precise information he needs, including a number of hidden video features he never expected.

Today, thanks to Verifeyed Professional Edition (link to download), anyone can analyze a photo of the dead Osama bin Laden, the video of Saddam Hussein’s execution, or the scanned copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Get Verifeyed Professional Edition now and start testing the trustworthiness of the photos and videos mentioned above (they’re all publicly available).


bob_7Thomas is VP of claims with an insurance claims processing company. Thomas knows from experience that digital fraud is on the increase. That’s why he’s employed Verifeyed to analyze photos associated with claims, and to flag the ones that have been digitally edited. Today, Thomas is happy because he’s saving an enormous amount of money since Verifeyed discovered that 1 out that every 750 claims involves some form of digital image fraud.


thomas_7Bob is CIO of a bank. Bob’s bank has achieved a competitive advantage because it provides its customers with fast, friendly, paperless online services. Today, Bob’s bank can confidently and automatically issue micro loans, open accounts and provide other banking services simply on the strength of photos of checks and IDs that its customers send online – without fear of digital fraud.


For the full versions of these and similar stories from the forensic, litigation, transport, audit industries, and for information about ROI, just contact us.


The history of Verifeyed (including how we saved a client $1 million USD in one day)

In the 1980s, U.S. president Ronald Reagan was known for saying, “Trust, but verify”. In 2004, Dr. Babak Mahdian, brought together a group of scientists and digital security experts to develop a toolkit to facilitate instant detection of digital image tampering. After four years of research and effort, we finally created the software to accomplish this accurately and called this software Verifeyed.

Our excitement led us to immediately undertake projects for several large clients: a bank, a media publisher, and two insurance companies. Our aim was to detect fraudulent images and scanned documents to save our clients significant portions of their budgets. Having the most cutting-edge image forensics technology available and being aware of growing trends in digital frauds, we were confident about success.

After six months of effort during which we analyzed more than 1.5 million digital images, an evaluation meeting with clients revealed that most of the identified image manipulations were false positives (i.e. not real frauds), and the amount of saved money for our clients was negligible. The prevalence of digital image fraud was clear to everyone and we had the best technology, but no exciting results. We couldn’t understand what had gone wrong.

Eventually we discovered one critical point we’d missed. Despite the technology being 100% accurate in lab-controlled testing, we’d failed to account for the real-life behavior of all variables: photos, cameras with software embedded within them, and even the criminals making the frauds. Thus, we undertook a two-year process to adapt the technology to real-life conditions. We continuously communicated and exchanged data with businesses and expert representatives from different fields, bringing their feedback, evaluation results, etc. into Verifeyed. This became the most difficult part of the whole development process, but was worth it in the end.

When we went back to market after two years, the program immediately proved successful. For example, in a US insurance company we used the updated program to automatically analyze 10,000 auto claims and uncovered (verified by that insurance company) that every 1000th image associated with claims was fraudulent. One day of automatic analysis saved them $1 million USD.

Verifeyed Professional Edition is a result of eight years’-worth of effort from scientists and business professionals. It makes it possible for you to use state-of-the-art technology to instantly analyze digital images with a single click. We are proud that it is used by leading intelligence and forensics services, business-oriented companies, and has received several awards from recognized business and research organizations.

“It is the most amazing software I’ve ever seen. It enables us to tackle digital fraud and discourage potential digital fraud from being committed. This software is bringing enormous added value to our claims solutions. It showed positive ROI almost immediately after we started using it.”
Jan Stok, MBA. CEO of MAI Insurance Brokers.

Verifeyed Professional Edition

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